Thursday, June 26, 2008

Look To Your Right....Yeah... Over There.

You'll see we've been trying to organize our mixes and edits.

We've just posted the now infamous "Bones" mixes. Graciously hosted at/by our friends Cosmic Disco.

"Pure un-adulterated disco bliss"

"Talk about letting the sun shine in! Brilliant brilliant brilliant!"


There's also exclusive edits by world renowned DJ Pat Le Stache, and a new edit, "Slow Way Down", which is fast as hell, which premiered last night at STUDIO's Gay Ass blowout, by H.M.A.

So download them. Check 'em out. Enjoy them. Play them out. Tell your friends. And more importantly....

Come back for more.


Haydn said...

Hey, just wanted to draw your attention to a broken link in your "Edits By H.M.A." section.

Please feel free to delete this comment.

Pat Les Stache said...

Link has been fixed....Thanks!!!