Monday, July 21, 2008

Magic Mandrake

Lately I've been really getting into the Sarr Band. I tend to find their songs featured in many disco mixes, however I haven't been able to hunt down much information on the group outside of the fact that they released a few amazing disco singles back in the late 1970's with "Magic Mandrake" and "Double Action". Other versions of "Double Action", were also released by both The Salsoul Invention and The Fantastic Soul Invention around the same time. Regardless on the lack of information regarding their releases, it seems from all the tracks that I've heard that the Sarr Band put out some amazing singles and if you can't get a hold of a single or two without breaking the bank, I highly recommend doing so.

Sarr Band - Magic Mandrake
Sarr Band - Double Action

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Anonymous said...


Get tracks from sarr band, the one I would love to have posted to listen too is the B side of Magic Mndrake, the classic MEPHISTO....any chance of that gem appearing...