Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Miss Broadway

Last night while doing some late night record shopping at one of Seattle's many record stores, I was suprisingly happy to hear Belle Epoque's 1977 disco classic "Miss Broadway" playing over the loud speakers. I immediately fell in love with the track on first listen. Unfortunitely I quickly found that the store wasn't selling the record because it came from one of the clerks personal collection. Belle Epoque has always been one of those groups I've always wanted to hear more from, especially since I've been a huge fan of their popular classic "Bamalama" for quite sometime. Even though my record store shooping didn't result in any Belle Epoque finds, it did inspire me to hunt down some more of their records.

Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway


peter said...

don't forget the Glass Candy cover!

Mike said...

This is definitely a fantastic disco cut. I have had trouble finding the original album as well. I have it on a KTEL Disco album I picked up @ the Salvation Army. Seattle's own Miss Broadway is named after this fine track as well.

Disco D said...

love your blog,so much :)

sold most of my vinyl.
nice to have digital, at least.

would be great if you could 'obtain' and upload:
Mindless Boogie - "Summer In The City (Peter Visti Edit)"

Lovin' Spoonful!