Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Accidental Cosmic Lover

Even though legendary disco label Tom N' Jerry Records has only a handful of releases to it's name, the label produced some of the best disco to come out of the late 1970's including David Christie's Back Fire, Rockets On The Road Again, TJM's self-titled LP, Chocolat's Kings Of Club, and Lipstique's At The Discotheque to name a few. This label which was distributed through Salsoul Records was run by legendary mixer/producer Tom Moulton, whom was involved in almost all of the releases in some fashion or another. One of the records from this label that I heard for the first time recently, is Mc Lane Explosion's 1978 cosmic disco LP Pulstar. This record was mixed by Moulton and produced by Roland Romanelli, the same person behind the italo-disco project Space. Overall, Pulstar has an early cosmic disco feel to it, reworking cover versions of Love & Kisses' "Accidental Lover", Space's "Magic Fly", and Jean-Michel Jarre's "Oxygène". The record is a nice blending mix of early cosmic, disco, and italo, which just happens to be three of my favorite genres. Enjoy!

Mc Lane Explosion - Accidental Lover

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