Wednesday, October 8, 2008

All That Chas

Last couple weeks have found me rocking this new Chas Jankel single on Tirk Records!

It would be an understatement to say I love Chas Jankel. He's sort of a hero to me. Lost after his rock era, he turned to his own style of jazz-inflected disco, and somehow managed to create a catalog of great albums and even better singles. Remixers and re-Editors are just rediscovering Chas thanks to the compilation of singles that was released last year, My Occupation.

So here's an old favorite and Chas' first big solo hit, "Ai No Corrida" (which I think I'm going to try to rock out next week), and his new single, "Get Yourself Together", as well as the Hercules And Love Affair Remix.

Chas Jankel - Ai No Corrida
Chas Jankel - Get Yourself Together
Chas Jankel - Get Yourself Together (Hercules And Love Affair Hercbump Mix)

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