Friday, October 3, 2008

Disco On 45

It may seem strange, but yeah, even as disco was revolutionizing the way records were pressed, giving us the first DJ friendly 12" singles, many record companies were still pressing their artists on 45.

That's no surprise for artists such as ABBA or Michael Jackson, who had one foot firmly planted in the world of pop, but for many small label disco artists, it amazing that they had pressings on this mostly unusable for the dance floor variety of vinyl.

So whenever I find something unique on 45 I can usually be found pulling money out of my wallet.

Here are four different disco 45's I've found in the last few months that have been getting some play on my turntables at home.

Rainbow Society Orchestra - All Of Me "Disco"

Don't know anything about this group at all, in fact I can't even find production credits on it. It's from a very small label our of Philly called Jamie Records. The vocals are done by a woman calling herself "Aquarius". Pretty fun stuff!

Biddu Orchestra - I Could Have Danced All Night from "My Fair Lady"

This Biddu arranged Lerner/Lowe classic is really an instrumental with the vocalists singing "Dance, Dance Dance" over and over again, but it's pretty great none the less! I know Pat Les Stache is a huge fan of Biddu's work, so this is really for him!

Dee D. Jackson - Automatic Lover

Classic on a scratchy old 45! Some songs I've just never found any other way. I know there is a 12" out there somewhere, but.... Favorite thing about this is the fact that they can't just get a vocoder, they have to go and get some guy to record himself sounding, like, all robotic and shit! Hilarious! "I am your automatic lover!"

Eruption Featuring Precious Wilson - One Way Ticket

I think this comes from Eruption's second LP. Precious goes from sounding extremely plain to soulfull bellowing in no time flat. This, of course, is a Frank Farian production, which is why it sounds EXACTLY like Boney M. Pat and I are secret admirers of Mr. Farian's work..... Don't tell anyone. It'll ruin our reputations!


Trag said...

I have tons of disco 45s. On some of them, like Louie Ramirez of Dionne Warwich, they even manage to squeeze 6 minutes! Long live the 12!!!!!

Pat Les Stache said...

Your right!...I Love the Biddu Orchestra track. Nice!