Monday, October 13, 2008

Spending the Night w/ Bob-a-Rela

I recently found a mint copy of Bob-A-Rela's 1979 selt-titled LP lodged tightly away at the bottom of a stack of records at a local record shop. I admit that at the time I didn't know anything about the record until I closely looked at records credits to find that the album was produced by both George Lagios and Pat Deserio, a tag-team of legendary disco producers who are resposible for bringing us two classic records by Bombers among many others. Deserio also had a helping hand in producing Kebekelektrik as well a couple classic releases off of Les Disques Direction Records. I found, after one listen, that the Bob-A-Rela LP consisted of that same solid production that made both Bombers' records disco classics. Wi th standout cuts like "Spend The Night", "Why Does It Rain?", and a couple of cover songs including "Tobacco Road" and Pink Floyd's "Money". Overall, the record is very solid, and highly recommended for fans of the seond Bomber's record.

Bob-A-Rela - Spend The Night

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