Monday, December 8, 2008

Inside The Moonlight Mansion

I was excited to recently find a copy of Harlow's 1980 Taking Off LP. Up until finding the record, I hadn't ever heard of this disco group. That being said, after one listen I completely fell in love with the record, which contains multiple classic disco cuts including "Moonlight", "Frisco", "Movie Queen", and the title track "Taking Off". The titled track was the record's main single, however "Moonlight" is quickly becoming an all-time favorite of mine. The record was produced by both Mike Alyanak and Alex Alexander, whom also is credited with writing and arranging the record. Overall, a very solid find for a record I never previously heard of.

Harlow - Moonlight

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Pat,
I'm Yohanna (Johanna) Vanderkley's sister.
I thought you might like to know that she recently released her new singer-songwriter cd. It is definitely light years removed from disco but I love it. (Of course, I'm a bit partisan.) You can sample some of her offerings on this page of her website:

Strange Life is the title track.