Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Spend A Day Without You

Last Night I was listening to Dimitri From Paris's In The House Of Love mix compilation, which I hadn't put on for a while, and somewhere in the middle of the mix it went into Crue-L Grand Orchestra's "Spend The Day Without You" and it reminded me how much I love that song as well as the entire first Crue-L Grand Orchestra record. It's now been over a decade since the Crue-L Grand Orchestra I record came out, yet it still remains one of my favorite "post-golden disco era" disco releases. I still haven't been able to hunt down a copy, which will still probably remain a tired-some task, especially because anything released by Japan's Crue-L Records tends to go out-of-print shortly after hitting the shelves. Regardless, if your able to get a hold of a copy, I highly recommend swiping it up. Maybe I'll play a digital version this Wednesday at STUDIO!

Crue-L Grand Orchestra - Spend The Day Without You

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H.M.A. said...

this is one of my favorite songs ever. i even think i swiped it from you!

ah love!.....