Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thomas Jerome Moulton

Many disco lovers know about the numerous brilliant and legendary productions and mixes that disco legend Tom Moulton has contributed over the years, however, what people might not know is his late 1970's project TJM, which stands for Thomas Jerome Moulton. In 1979, Moulton under the project name TJM, released his debut record off of Casablanca Records. The record consisted of four tracks including the disco classic "Don't Need No Music". I recently heard this record, and was pretty much blown away from the start. It definitely makes me wonder why some of these tracks haven't recieved more attention, especially in disco mixes and DJ-sets. Regardless, I was extremely happy when I found this record for only three dollars in some random budget bin, especially since I would of paid a lot more for it. Anyways, I've always loved most of Tom Moulton's productions, however I have a whole new reason to love him even more.

TJM - Don't Need No Music
TJM - Am I Dreaming

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