Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Was Born This Way

What would be more fitting on the afternoon before a STUDIO! night, than posting one of the all-time greatest gay anthems "I Was Born This Way" by gay gospel singer Carl Bean. This record originally came out in 1977 on Motown Records, and was more recently re-released by West End Records. The song was produced by Motown and disco legend Norman Harris and was mixed by the 'one and only' Tom Moulton (whom else). Singer Carl Bean was very passionate about doing this song, not only musically but politically, as it's explained on the West End Record website -
"The lyrics to 'I Was Born This Way,'" he says, "are as relevant today — perhaps even more so in the current political and social climate — than they were when this record was first released back in 1977."

Overall the song is a powerful and amazing disco gem, that will truly serve as more than just a memorable dance classic, however a pollitical anthem for gay rights and equality.

Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way

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