Friday, August 29, 2008

Beautiful Bend In Boogie Motion

Legendary disco producer Boris Midney has released numerous disco classics under many different names, including Beautiful Bend, Caress, U.S.A. - European Connection, and Double Discovery, however one of my all-time favorite records from this Russian born producer is Beautiful Bend's 1978 LP Make That Feeling Come Again!. This amazing record features four tracks, two on each side, basically mixed together to make two incredibly long however effective disco gems. I usually struggle to listen to long medley's, however on this record Midney does a nice job of including some strong substantial breaks without stoping the beat in order to show where one song stops and another begins. My favorite cut on the record is the second half of the A-side "Boogie Motion", which has a nice funky mid-tempo disco groove throughout as well as a very catching chorus hook. Overall, this record showcases some of the producer's finest work and is definitely a "must-have" for all Boris Midney fans.

Beautiful Bend - Boogie Motion

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Journey Into Paradise

Lately I've been getting into the disco group Paradise Express. This disco project was made up of the husband and wife musical tag-team of Vi-Ann and Herb Jimmerson, along with a string of other backing musicians and vocalists including Izora Rhodes and Martha Wash from Two Tons of Fun. In just a few short years during the late 1970's, Paradise Express recorded and released numerous disco classics like "Dance", "Let's Fly", "You Set Me On Fire" and "We Are One", as well as two solid full-length LP's in 1978's sel-titled debut Paradise Express and Let's Fly the following year. They were one of the many outstanding disco groups being put out by Fantasy Records during that time. Even though this group had a very short existence, Paradise Express, in my opinion, remains to be one of my favorite groups, next to Sylvester and Two Tons of Fun, from the Fantasy label.

Paradise Express - We Are One
Paradise Express - You Set Me On Fire

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

STUDIO! Tonight @ Havana
'End of the Summer' Blowout!

Join us this week at Havana for 'End of the Summer Blowout' edition of STUDIO!. Resident deejays Pat Les Stache and H.M.A. are rolling out the last days of summer with an all out Gay-Ass Disco Blowout, spinning the best in rare disco, hi-energy italo, cosmic, and mustache grooves all night long. Prepare yourself to get a bit hot and sweaty!

Feed The Flame

One my favorite tracks that I enjoy to break out every Wednesday is Lorraine Johnson's 1978 hi-energy disco classic "Feed The Flame". This track originally appeared on Johnson's second LP Learning To Dance All Over Again and was produced by Jesse Boyce and Moses Dillard, whom have been part of many solid disco projects including Saturday Night Band, Constellation Orchestra and Frisky. "Feed The Flame" is definitely my favorite cut from Johnson, however I also highly recommend people to check out her 1977 single "The More I Get, The More I Want" which was featured on her solid debut album. Overall, it's a perfect disco cut to play at those peaking hours on the dancefloor.

Lorraine Johnson - Feed The Flame

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Greatest Performance Of Loleatta's Life

One of my all-time favorite Larry Levan edits is his remix of Loleatta Holloway's 1976 disco classic "Greatest Performance Of My Life". This was one of the many amazing cuts off of Suss'd Records Larry Levan: The Definitive Salsoul Mixes '78-'83 compilation which came out back in 2004. Now I've always been a fan of the original mix of the song which was featured on Holloway's Loleatta LP, however on Levan's edit, he draws out the dramtic acapella intro nicely as well as replacing the song's "at time's more annoying" bridge vocals with a nice instrumental groove that works better on a dancefloor. This edit is a perfect example of the geniusness of Larry Levan, remixing and rearranging a track to push a song to it's greatest heights, making an already classic original even better.

Loleatta Holloway - Greatest Performance Of My Life
(Lary Levan Edit)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Society Of Soul

It's Friday and sunny outside, so I'm going to allow myself to get lazy with this post and let the music do the talking. Here is Prins Thomas's re-edit of Matsubara's 1984 funky classic "S.O.S. (Society Of Soul)". This edit was originally included on the Rong Music released Diskomiks EP which features, in my opinion, some of Thomas's best edits. Can I just say that everytime I listen to this track it reminds me of a theme song to a 70's game show, which is probably why I love it so much. Anyways, Enjoy!

Matsubara - S.O.S. (Prins Thomas Re-edit)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Real Thing

Recently, I've been getting into Brazilian conductor Sérgio Mendes' late 70's material. I've come across many Mendes' records here and there, however didn't really know much about the artist until recently. Even though I definitely can't vouch for all of his music, I can say that I'm a pretty big fan of both Sérgio Mendes & The New Brasil '77's 1977 self-titled LP and Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '88 1979 Magic Lady LP. Both albums, which I've picked up recently, are somewhat departures from Mendes earlier work with his Brasil '66. The New Brasil '77 record has a laid back, however funky latin-disco sound to it with standout tracks like "The Real Thing", "Why", and "Mozambique". Magic Lady, on the other hand, contains one of Mendes most high energy dance cuts with "I'll Tell You", as well as other funky disco numbers like "Lonely Woman" and "Let It Go". Overall, Sérgio Mendes is one of those complicated artist to get into because he touches so many musical genres with many of his releases being very unique to themselves, however for people who enjoy the more funky disco era stuff, like myself, I highly recommend checking out both The New Brasil '77 and Magic Lady albums.

Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '88 - I'll Tell You
Sérgio Mendes & The New Brasil '77 - The Real Thing

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

STUDIO! Tonight @ Havana
Hot Bodies & Disco Fever

Join Pat les Stache and deejay H.M.A. again this week at Havana for another rendition of STUDIO!, the gay-ass disco party that keeps gettin' hotter by the week. We will be spinning rare disco, italo, cosmic, and mustache grooves all night long! The last few weeks the dancefloor has been packed with hot bodies right up until the last song, so don't miss out on the best disco party in town!

Two Tons Of Fun

This past weekend I flew back to my home town of Sacramento, Ca. for a friend's wedding. During that trip I decided to stop at a couple local record stores to see if I could find any hidden disco gems tucked away in the stacks. I always love going to a small city record store where there isn't a hint of a disco scene, you're bound to pick up at least a few classic records for a ridiculous cheap price. I found the same true when I made stops in Portland and Tacoma this past year. That being said, I did pick-up many great disco finds including Revanche's 1979 Music Man LP, John Davis & The Monster Orchestra's Up Jumped The Devil and Ain't That Enough For You LP's, Loleatta Holloway's classic "Loleatta" LP, Taka Boom's 1979 self-titled LP, as well as many others. However, maybe the overall best find of the weekend came when I picked Two Tons Of Fun's 1980 self-titled disco classic. Two Tons Of Fun where one of those groups I had heard about a lot, but unfortunitely hadn't checked out, so when I came across the record I thought I would give it a listen. From start to finish I was pretty blown away with a very reminiscent sound similiar to Sylvester, whom the two singers Izora Armstead and Martha Wash orginally sang back-up vocals for. Overall, the record is pretty solid with classic cuts like "I Got The Feeling", "Earth Can Be Just Like Heaven", and "One-Sided Love Affair". I highly recommend the record if your a fan of Sylvester's early releases. That being said, it was a nice weekend of great finds in a small city.

Two Tons Of Fun - I Got The Feeling

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm

One of my favorite disco cuts for quite sometime has been D.C. LaRue's 1979 classic "Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm" off of his album Forces Of The Night. Throughout LaRue's career, the American disco singer has released some solid disco classics including 1976's "Ca-The-Drals", 1978's "Let Them Dance", and "Do You Want The Real Thing ", among many others. However, I think with "Hot Jungle Drums..." LaRue really hits the "nail on the head" with this hi-energy disco classic. The song was also released as a twelve-inch single through Casablanca Records, which featured an extended version of the track. And on a side note, one of the biggest fans of the song at the time of release was movie star actress Jane Fonda, whom recommended having the song put on her first Jane Fonda Workout Book. Overall, "Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm" is an amazing track that can work nicely at those peek dancefloor moments and just another amazing classic produced and written by D.C. LaRue.

D.C. LaRue - Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm

Monday, August 18, 2008

I Can't Dance Without You

As time goes on and the more I continue to listen to his releases, Dutch disco singer Theo Vaness is becoming one of my all-time favorite artists. I know he has been mentioned before on this blog for his classic 1979 Bad Bad Boy LP, however that being said, you can't ignore his other two full-length records 1978's Back To Music and his self-titled LP in 1979. Both records contained some amazing disco gems including "Thank God There's Music", "Back To Music (the song)", "Star Fever", and my personal favorite "I Can't Dance Without You". Overall, if you come to STUDIO! on a Wednesday, you have a good chance of hearing a track or two by this artist whom in a very short time put together an impressive collection of disco classics.

Theo Vaness - I Can't Dance Without You

Friday, August 15, 2008

She is D.I.S.C.O.

Doing overtime today with multiple posts (thanks to my 'secret crush' on Carly Simon), I'm going to keep this post short and sweet with Ottawan's 1979 disco classic "D.I.S.C.O.". I really enjoying the overall "tropical disco" feel to the song, and it's definitely one of those tracks that really grows on you over time. I admit that it took me a little time to get into some of the song's vocals, however over the past few weeks I've started to warm up to them and really get into the entire production. This is probably one of those fun summertime anthem classics that works nicely in those "End of The Summer" disco mixes. ENJOY!

Ottawan - D.I.S.C.O.

An 'After-Dark' Classic

Carly Simon in Nov. 1980 Issue of After-DarkI'm going to use this 'sexy' photo shoot of Carly Simon in the 1980 November issue of After-Dark to reveal my favorite track by the Pop artist with her 1982 dance classic "Why" which was written and produced by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers of Chic.

And on a side note, vintage 1970's and early 1980's issues of After-Dark have easily become my favorite magazine to read since discovering them only a few months back.

Anyways, enjoy my guilty pleasure post.

Carly Simon - Why (12" Extended Mix)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last Night STUDIO! Photos!!!

Last Night = Hot Bodies, Erotic Disco, & Lots of Love Dancin'!!!

See all the photos here

See You Next Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

w/ Seattle Legend DJ RIZ

This will be a 'very special' week at STUDIO!, as we invite Seattle legend DJ Riz out for a 'rare disco set'. Last time he came out, the dancefloor was packed from start to finish. And of course resident deejays Pat Les Stache and H.M.A. will be doing their usual 'thang', spinning the best in rare disco, italo, cosmic and mustache grooves all night long. Don't miss out, this one is going to be crazy!

And for your musical pleasure, here is Edwin Starr's 1978 classic disco single "Contact", a song that DJ Riz turned me onto and has turned into a STUDIO! classic every since.

Edwin Starr - Contact

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Love Magic From The Monster Orchestra

Lately I've been getting into John Davis & The Monster Orchestra and the records he released from the mid to late 1970's. I became interested in Mr. Davis when I came across a used copy of his 1978 twelve inch single "Ain't That Enough For You" a while back. I remember at the time I picked up the record, I also bought many other classic disco records by many other artist and for some reason the twelve inch single kind of got shelved before I had a chance to really absorb the record, which does happen at times, especially when you buy as many records as I do. Anyways, a couple weeks ago I was sorting through some of the records that I hadn't listen to for quite sometime and I came across the John Davis single and decided to take a better look at the single, especially since it is my collection. And after I had sometime to sit down and listen to it, I realized how great the song is and couldn't understand why I sat on it for so long. Ever since, I've been checking out many other John Davis & The Monster Orchestra songs with much delight, discovering some real disco gems in the proccess. Now I'm finding myself on a quest to collect more of his music, especially his 1979 LP The Monster Strikes Again which features the amazing "Love Magic" and the Ashford & Simpson cover of "Bourgie' Bourgie'", as well as the full-length LP of Ain't That Enough For You with came out back in 1978. Overall, it was nice to go through my own collection and find some unplayed hidden classics laying around. It's like going to record store I suppose in your own living room.

John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Love Magic

Monday, August 11, 2008

Isaac Hayes, 1942-2008

In honor of the great Isaac Hayes whom unfortunitely passed away yesterday in his Tennesse home, here is an amazing Ron Hardy white-label edit of Hayes' 1975 classic funky dancefloor cut "I Can't Turn Around". Hayes, who will probably best be remembered for the Shaft soundtrack, however, throughout his long career Hayes' career went well beyond the 1971 soundtrack, releasing many amazing funk, soul, and even disco classics throughout the years. Some of my favorites that come to mind are "Zeke The Freak", "Don't Let Go", "I Can't Turn Around", and of course "Theme From 'Shaft'". Regardless of your favorite track, it's obvious that Isaac Hayes legacy, music, and influence will be forever lasting.

Isaac Hayes - I Can't Turn Around (Ron Hardy Edit)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Jungle Drums & Wild Fantasies

I recently came across Wild Fantasy's 1978 disco classic Jungle Drums, and I have to admit I haven't been able to put the record down since. This classic album was produced by Tony Hiller of Brotherhood Of Man fame. The record contains amazing dancefloor friendly cuts including "Gypsy Lady", "Africa", "Get It On", and "Africa". I first found out about the group when I found a twelve-inch version of "Africa" for about two dollars and thought it was worth giving it a listen. When it comes to disco, any song or artist with the word "fantasy" and "Africa" included, I find, generally means it's going to be good. This is definitely one of those times that the previous statement is absolutely true, with Wild Fantasy releasing a disco masterpiece in Jungle Drums.

Wild Fantasy - Gypsey Lady
Wild Fantasy - Africa

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What Last Night Looked Like

Last Night = Lots of Hot & Sweaty Good Times!

See all the photos here

See You Next Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hot Body Disco
Tonight @ STUDIO!

Resident deejays Pat Les Stache and H.M.A. will be doing it again this tonight, spinning the best in rare disco, italo, cosmic and mustache grooves. The summer is definitely in full swing and every Wednesday keeps getting better and better. There's not a better time of the year in Seattle to come out, dance, and sweat it out with some hot bodies all night long! Don't miss out!

Love In Indigo

It's safe to say that Brooklyn based disco group Escort is one of my favorite bands to come out over the past few years. Over the past few years they have been releasing some amazing twelve inch singles including "Starlight", "Bright New Life", and "All Through the Night". However, lately I've been finding myself getting back into, after not hearing for a while, maybe their most underrated single "Love in Indigo", which was the groups second release back in 2006. I actually got to see the group about a year ago in San Francisco and "Love in Indigo" was the song I enjoyed the most live. If your one of the few people that haven't caught on to this group, which features about fifteen members to make up a small orchestra of percussion, strings, horns, vocals, bass, and guitar instruments, I highly recommend picking up one of their four singles. The rumor has it that the group is actually working on a full-length album, however no date for a release has been given. Regardless, I think I'll be dropping a few classic Escort cuts later tonight at STUDIO!. Hope to see you there!

Escort - Love in Indigo (Extended Version)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Don't Let Go

Just about every Wednesday night, at some point, I break out the one disco classic released by former Dawn vocalist Tony Orlando, "Don't Let Go". Say what you want about Mr. Orlando and his overall "Las Vegas showbizz" career, however in 1978 the singer took a stab at disco with some success. This "one-off" funky-disco gem was mixed by the legendary disco mixer and engineer Jimmy Simpson and was included on Orlando's Elektra Records debut. The track gained some attention in the disco club scene, which in my opinion has a bit of a Gino Soccio/Don Ray/Cerrone overall feel to it. Recently the song was re-edited by Pete Herbert of Reverso 68 fame and included on a Disco Deviance released twelve-inch. Unfortunitely, this was Tony's only "disco" attempt, falling back more towards his Dawn roots, which I admit am not a fan of. However, that being said the singer did leave us disco enthusiasts with an incredible disco classic.

Tony Orlando - Don't Let Go

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Passion of Ray Martinez

It's safe to say that I love Ray Martinez and every single track that he produced in the 1970's. From Amant's "If There's Love" to Sassy's classic "Theme From Disco 77", from George McCrae's "Kiss Me (The Way I Like It)" to his solo cut of "The Natives Are Restless", Martinez made a name for himself as a break through disco producer and musician during the 1970's. Helping solidify the "Miami Sound" of the late 70's, this Cuban native went onto create Miami based Paris International Records where he released records by Amant, Celi Bee, and others. One of my favorite Martinez produced records is the 1979 self-titled LP under the name Passion. This four track album includes disco classics "Don't Bring Back Memories" and "In New York" and remains to be one of the hardest to find disco records. Adding to that, the record consists of one of the sexiest album covers, which could make it a disco collectable all by itself. Overall, this was just another classic disco release from one of the genre's most legendary producers.

Passion - Don't Bring Back Memories
Passion - In New York