Friday, February 6, 2009

SAM Remix - Disco Version - TONIGHT!

On Friday, February 6,(TONIGHT!) join DJs Pat Les Stache(me) and H.M.A. spin on rare 1970s disco, Italo, cosmic and mustache grooves. Meet new friends while you visit the SAM(Seattle Art Museum) galleries. Bonus points if you experience the always-enlightening "My Favorite Things" tour at 6:30 pm. Plus, dance and enjoy cocktails from TASTE Bar. Special door prizes for the first 50 SAM Remix guests. Free with museum admission.

Date: 2/6/2009
Time: 6-9 pm
Location: SAM Downtown, 1st Ave. and University St. entrance

See you there!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

You Thought We Were Dead And Gone Forever!!!!

Well, No.

Pat Les Stache and I will be playing the Seattle Art Museum Feb. 6.

More info coming soon!

But that's just for your calendars!

Mark it down!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Last and Final STUDIO!
Pat Les Stache B-Day Party!

After almost a year of Wednesday nights at Havana, we have decided to end STUDIO! It's been an amazing run and a lot of great evenings full of friends, disco music, dancing, and let's just say a good dose of drinking. That being said, like all great things...they must come to and end. H.M.A. and I (Pat Les Stache) have decided to move on to new things. When we first started the night we wanted to achieve two things, share our love of disco music and create a friendly place for people to hangout and dance on a Wednesday night, which we feel like we successfully accomplished. Hopefully all of you who regularly attended the night will have some great memories to take with you.

So...join us this Wednesday Night for the final and last STUDIO! Let's try to end this thing with a bang! There will be no cover so that you can save your money for drinking. Plus, this will be my actual 28th B-Day, so I'm sure there might be some cake involved!

Once again, Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the night. This Wednesday, let's do it one more time and make it a night to remember.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I Love The Nightlife

Here is one of the re-edits that will be including on the next Cabana Disco twelve-inch. This time around, Pat Les Stache (aka me), is re-editing Nightlife Unlimited's 1979 smooth disco classic Love Is In You. This track has always been a personal favorite of mine, a feel good classic that I enjoy playing at the end of a night, when the dancefloor is winding down. Look for the second twelve-inch in the Cabana Disco series to come out at the end of January. Enjoy!

Nightlife Unlimited - Love Is In You (Pat Les Stache Edit)

Speaking of Cabana Disco, the first twelve-inch is currently being re-pressed and should be back in stock at many of the usual outlets in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

STUDIO! Tonight inside Havana
Disco Party!

Join us Tonight inside Havana for another great night of STUDIO! This week should be another great night, as deejays Pat Les Stache and H.M.A. will be spinning another dose of rare 70's gay disco, italo, moustache, and cosmic grooves. Stay warm with us this Holiday season, as we enjoy an amazing night of disco music, holiday drinkin', and lot's of 'Love-Dancin' each and every Wednesday night. Plus There Might Only Be a Couple of STUDIO! Nights Left;)

See you tonight inside the Havana!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time To 'Get Happy'

I know I just posted a couple of Tantra cuts off of the 1980 classic Double Album LP, however this record is just too good to hold back. That being said, here is my favorite track off the record, "Get Happy". A true classic that I think get's overshadowed by some of the group's more known classics like "Hills Of Katmandu", "Wishbone", "Mother Africa", etc. New extended remixed versions of "Get Happy" along with "Top Shot" were also released as a twelve-inch single a year after the release of The Double Album, under the title The Double Remix. I actually found a copy of this record a week after I found The Double Album LP, talk about lucky streak. Anyways, sit back and enjoy this hard-to-find classic!

Tantra - Get Happy

Monday, December 8, 2008

Inside The Moonlight Mansion

I was excited to recently find a copy of Harlow's 1980 Taking Off LP. Up until finding the record, I hadn't ever heard of this disco group. That being said, after one listen I completely fell in love with the record, which contains multiple classic disco cuts including "Moonlight", "Frisco", "Movie Queen", and the title track "Taking Off". The titled track was the record's main single, however "Moonlight" is quickly becoming an all-time favorite of mine. The record was produced by both Mike Alyanak and Alex Alexander, whom also is credited with writing and arranging the record. Overall, a very solid find for a record I never previously heard of.

Harlow - Moonlight

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ride Like The Wind

As many might already know, I'm a huge Vince Montana Jr. fan, everything from his earlier work with MFSB, to The Salsoul Orchestra, Goody Goody, and his Montana Orchestra(which went through many different names and players). In 1983, under Montana Orchestra, Vince released the Heavy Vibes LP which included some solid disco classics including another take on the popular "Heavy Vibes", as well as less talked about gems "Ride Like The Wind", "Another Star", and "Rough Out Here". "Ride Like The Wind", which is a personal favorite, is his instrumental take on the popular Christopher Cross track released back in 1979. I've always considered Cross's version to be a guilty favorite of mine, however Montana takes the song to new heights here with some funky instrumental work, including a solid saxophone lead that carries throughout the song. This isn't one of the most talked about Vince Montana Jr. records, however it's definitely one that should be ignored either, especially for Montana fans like myself.

Montana Orchestra - Ride Like The Wind

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

STUDIO! Tonight @ Havana

Tonight is the night! Join deejays Pat Les Stache, H.M.A., and Ben Cook for another rendition of STUDIO!, Seattle's only and best disco party! As always, we will be spinning the best rare disco, italo, cosmic, and moustache grooves all night long inside Havana (1010 E Pike Street). Last week was pretty ridiculous to say the least and this week should be even crazier. Don't miss out!

Speaking for those that unfortunately missed out, here's what last week looked like:

See you tonight!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Even Though You're Wearing Jeans...

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. I'm going to start this holiday season off with a song that has really grown on me over the past few months in Lenore O'Malley's 1979 disco classic "First Be A Woman". "First Be A Woman" was the title track to O'Malley's debut record released by Polydor in 1980. This record was produced by Michaele, Lana & Paul Sebastian, the same team responsible for many of the classic disco releases by Madleen Kane and Theo Vaness. Even though it took me sometime to warm-up to this certain aspects of the song, I've found that over time I've really started to enjoy the song as a whole, especially the song's funky verses. Enjoy!

Lenore O'Malley - First Be A Woman