Friday, December 5, 2008

Ride Like The Wind

As many might already know, I'm a huge Vince Montana Jr. fan, everything from his earlier work with MFSB, to The Salsoul Orchestra, Goody Goody, and his Montana Orchestra(which went through many different names and players). In 1983, under Montana Orchestra, Vince released the Heavy Vibes LP which included some solid disco classics including another take on the popular "Heavy Vibes", as well as less talked about gems "Ride Like The Wind", "Another Star", and "Rough Out Here". "Ride Like The Wind", which is a personal favorite, is his instrumental take on the popular Christopher Cross track released back in 1979. I've always considered Cross's version to be a guilty favorite of mine, however Montana takes the song to new heights here with some funky instrumental work, including a solid saxophone lead that carries throughout the song. This isn't one of the most talked about Vince Montana Jr. records, however it's definitely one that should be ignored either, especially for Montana fans like myself.

Montana Orchestra - Ride Like The Wind

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