Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Time To 'Get Happy'

I know I just posted a couple of Tantra cuts off of the 1980 classic Double Album LP, however this record is just too good to hold back. That being said, here is my favorite track off the record, "Get Happy". A true classic that I think get's overshadowed by some of the group's more known classics like "Hills Of Katmandu", "Wishbone", "Mother Africa", etc. New extended remixed versions of "Get Happy" along with "Top Shot" were also released as a twelve-inch single a year after the release of The Double Album, under the title The Double Remix. I actually found a copy of this record a week after I found The Double Album LP, talk about lucky streak. Anyways, sit back and enjoy this hard-to-find classic!

Tantra - Get Happy

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